VTEL Holdings Ltd. is a leading multinational corporation, a forerunner in the telecommunications sector; offering fixed lines, mobile and data services. The Dubai based company operates in high growth markets in The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Since its establishment VTEL has gained recognition in its ability to identify, invest and develop a superior class of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ventures, working with partners aspiring to generate innovative ideas, and value systems coherent with those of the VTEL’s founders.

VTEL achieves its goals with a solid foundation in developing strong alliances with aspiring entrepreneurs, and a powerful management team. The combination enhances VTEL’s position in expanding throughout geographical horizons, and ensures prosperous business ventures.

In 2006, VTEL was incorporated with the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the benefit of this bond is in the calibre of firms from across the region, and the globe.
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